Fallout 76’s Battleroyale mode starts offline in September – Games – News

Bethesda will remove the battle royale mode from Fallout 76. This is through an update that should be released in September. According to the developer, the nuclear winter mode was turned on less and less.

Since the release of Nuclear Winter, the majority of players have shown a preference for playing other parts of the game, writes bethesda. This made it more difficult to fill nuclear winter lobbies without sacrificing waiting times. In addition, the developers have found it difficult to release valuable updates for the mode while creating new content for the adventure mode.

So Bethesda decided to halt nuclear winter. The developer is now working on an update for this, which is scheduled for release in September. Bethesda confirms that it was a tough choice and that they are working on additional PvP modes. It plans to provide more information on that later this year.

All players who participated in Nuclear Winter will also receive a “compensation”. When Nuclear Winter goes offline, all players who entered the mode will get Perk Coins. Players get six coins for each honor rank, up to a maximum of 600 coins. They also get 1 coin for every Observer ticket earned, up to 200 coins.

All players who have completed at least one Nuclear Winter game will receive a Nuclear Winter Emblem for their base CAMP. Perk Coins allow players to upgrade to Legendary Perks in Adventure Mode. Finally, Bethesda brings several bonuses from the Nuclear Winter to the rest of the game for players to win.

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Nuclear Winter was released two years ago announced. In the mode, 52 players compete against each other as the ring of fire shrinks the game world. The game mode is available since fall 2019.

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