Expedition Couriers in America on VTM 2 and Videoland

Expedition Couriers in America on VTM 2 and Videoland

You can watch Expedition Couris in the US on VTM2 and VTM Go tonight – Tuesday 10th January – 9.45pm. A day later, Expedited Couriers in the U.S. can be seen on Videoland in the Netherlands. Find out all about the second season of Sam Couris, Kelly Pfaff and their kids Shania and Kenji’s travelogue here.

Expedition Couriers in America

‘Sammy from Belgium’ brings out his best English as the Kooris family takes a road trip across the Atlantic Ocean and down the West Coast of America. In Expeditie Gooris in America, the country’s most sympathetic family travels from glamorous Los Angeles deep into the desert to pursue their American dream. “Go away!”

Road trip through Europe

Sam Corris Says: “The four of us never go on holiday for more than a week because Kelly and I always have to be on the road. I never thought about what I was missing until last year. That’s awesome Road trip through Europe, along with Kenji and Shania, is an eye opener. My wife and I want to enjoy our family as much as possible and create beautiful memories together. That is why we have committed to travel together every year.”

Kenji & Shania choose America

Kelly Pfaff continues: “Kenji and Shania were allowed to choose their destination, and that was America. Although the first days were a bit overwhelming, we thoroughly enjoyed an unforgettable trip: the cars, the roads, the buildings… everything is huge in America! We saw beautiful things, did wonderful things, and had a lot of fun. Sam first had to practice his English, and how well he does, the viewer will have to judge (laughs).

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A road trip through America with the Couris family

Kelly Pfaff, Sam Couris and their kids Kenji and Shania know their goals from the small screen, but are now experiencing The American Dream for real: From Surfing to Iconic BaywatchThe beach, a visit to Alcatraz in San Francisco, dancing with the locals and bear watching in the wonderful natural parks. Thanks to its bustling cities, breathtaking beaches, vast landscapes and typical American culture, Goorissen offers an unforgettable adventure. It’s interspersed with tears of laughter, endearing family moments and surprising twists, but recognizable and hilarious family feuds – which sometimes culminate when the music is chosen for the road. It’s a vibe! Shania & Kenji: “Making happy memories with your parents and seeing the world, that’s the best! “

Expedition Couriers in America (Episode 1)

Kenji and Sam already feel itThe Fresh Princes of Bel AirBecause that American dream begins in a well-known upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles. There, Goorissen was deeply impressed by their ‘holiday home’: the former villa of world-famous singer Tom Jones. But it doesn’t take long for the Koorisen to imagine themselves as real Hollywood stars: Venice Beach, Hollywood Boulevard and the Santa Monica Pier are crying out for a visit, so Sam, Kelly, Shania and Kenji are very excited in a shiny Mustang. Explore the surroundings. And Kelly and Shania need to see a fortune teller…

Expedition Couriers in America

Expedition Couris can be seen on TV in Belgium and the Netherlands in the US. In Flanders, Expeditie Gooris in America will be broadcast on VTM2 on Tuesday at 9:45 p.m. Episodes will be online a day later on Videoland. Additionally, episodes can also be viewed via VTM GO. Don’t have Videoland, but want to watch Expedition Couris in the US from the Netherlands (or another country)? Then you can also use VTM Go. If it doesn’t work right away, get one VPN connection You put on Belgium.

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