Football | Four coaches in the US were banned for life for misconduct, which Vera Pau has also condemned

Sentences were handed down after publication Report About abuse in the American Women’s League. Paul Riley (Portland Thorns and North Carolina Courage), Rory Dames (Chicago Red Stars), Richie Burke (Washington Spirit) and Christy Holley (Racing Louisville) were not allowed back to coach the women’s team in the United States. The research points to what went wrong for each coach, between the coaches and his environment.

The investigation began after two players accused the English relay of sexual abuse. The former footballer allegedly shared a bed with Sinead Farrelly, who was 21 at the time, and sexually abused her. A first report last year showed that more than half of American clubs already have structural sexual misconduct, emotional abuse and abuse of power.

The American Players Association imposed heavy fines on several American clubs for misconduct. For example, the Chicago Red Stars must pay more than $1.5 million and the Portland Thorns are fined $1 million. National Women’s Football League (NSWL) president Toni Hustler is moderately happy. “No punishment will be enough to eliminate the suffering of the players. Today a new NWSL begins. By taking back the reigns, the players have completely changed our union environment, with new policies to ensure the safety of the players. .”

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The trial began with two charges against Paul Riley.

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Pau should take a lesson

Former national coach Vera Pau’s name also came into question. According to the report, the Dutch are guilty of body shaming. Pau often commented on the weight of his players and wanted to strictly control his team’s diets. The Irish women’s current coach could still return to the American competition, but first he must admit his mistakes and take a special lesson.

Pau denies all allegations of NWSL investigation via Twitter. “The report says that I don’t want to cooperate with the investigation team, but that’s not true. I accepted the invitation for a video call. I asked if they could record the call, but it’s not possible, they refused to answer. My questions.” Peacock begins.

False accusations

“To say that I would ever bodysham a person is an affront to my personal values ​​and my conduct as a coach. I cannot accept not discussing this. I will continue to defend myself against all these allegations. I am very disappointed and cannot allow my name to be associated with false allegations.

Baugh had an exceptional run with his Irish team last year. In the play-offs Ireland were too strong to beat Scotland 1-0, a result that will see Ireland go to the World Cup in 2023 for the first time in their history. The World Cup starts on July 20 in Australia and New Zealand.

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