Maker ChatGPT: Governments need to regulate AI

Maker ChatGPT: Governments need to regulate AI

According to him, ‘American leadership’ is essential. Altman made his statements during a hearing before the US Congress.

Politicians have asked Altman and several other tech bosses to testify because they are concerned about the development of AI, which has moved at lightning speed in recent months. They fear that machine learning software will disrupt the economy and undermine the democratic system.

significant damage

Altman sees many advantages in the technology, which he likens to the invention of the printing press. AI can “solve humanity’s most pressing problems,” said OpenAI’s chief executive. But it also poses risks. “My biggest fear is that the technology sector could do significant damage to the world.”

IBM privacy director Christina Montgomery also called for artificial intelligence rules, but specifically for its use. This is how users should know when talking to an AI system.

Senator AI delivers speech

One of the politicians, Senator Richard Blumenthal, made a scoop with his opening remarks. He had ChatGPT write text and have it read by a system that mimics his voice. The organization was trained in previous speeches delivered by Blumenthal in the Senate.

ChatGPt software can write texts on all kinds of topics based on language patterns. OpenAI released its new version late last year and signed a deal with Microsoft. The company will integrate the software with its search engine, Bing. Google announced its own AI system soon after, as did Facebook Parent Meta.

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