“Kiev’s downing of six hypersonic missiles is very special”

“Kiev’s downing of six hypersonic missiles is very special”

InternationalMay 16 ’23 at 11:56Author of the book: Samuel Hanegreifs

Ukraine says it shot down all missiles fired by Russia last night. Includes six hypersonic missiles. “The Kremlin said nothing could withstand those missiles,” European journalist Geert Jan Hahn said.

Ukraine was hit by Russian missiles again last night. But it said it was able to shoot them down one by one from the air before they could do any damage. Limited damage is believed to be caused by debris from fallen rockets.

“The Ukrainians I speak to happily thank the United States. Although they should thank the Netherlands and Germany. ‘

By Geert John Hahn, Europe Correspondent

“The Ukrainians I talk to are happy and thankful for America,” Hahn said. They also have the Netherlands and Germany to thank. Because we have also contributed to the Patriot Air Defense System that makes this possible.’

Volodymyr Zelensky visited the Netherlands earlier this month. (ANP / Zuma Press)

Kinsel missiles

More specifically for Han, Kiev shot down six hypersonic Kinzhal missiles. The Kremlin said the enemy could do little against those missiles. ‘When a missile was shot down last week, there was already a surprise. If there are six now, that is truly incredibly special.

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Han also closely follows what is happening in Bagmot. “It’s a very complicated case,” he says. Wagner’s mercenaries are advancing to the center, and the group claims 95 percent of the territory. But at the same time Ukraine is occupying the edges of the city.’

What sport does Kiev play?

According to Hahn, the question is whether Wagner can fully capture the city and what game Kiev is playing in the meantime. “Perhaps they are already preparing for a situation where Bagmot is completely taken over.”

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