Unknown criminal who blew up America's Stonehenge with bombs |  Abroad

Unknown criminal who blew up America’s Stonehenge with bombs | Abroad

The columns were bombarded before sunrise on Wednesday. The incident was seen by local authorities on a security camera around 4am. Pictures circulating on social media show that some of the columns are no longer standing.


Didn’t know what happened at first. In addition to an explosion, an earthquake has also been cited as a possible cause of the collapse of the columns.

Columns are not very clear, for example, no one knows who the customer is and the inscriptions often offer theories and scenarios about conspiracies. Now that they have collapsed, the passages are being talked about again on social media.

Text continues below the video. Video: Here’s how America’s Stonehenge is being destroyed.

The message written in the Georgia Guides, including Chinese and classical Hebrew, “is a 10-part message involving the protection of humanity and future generations. The stones support diversity, social obligations, balance with individual rights, and intelligent reproduction,” writes Newsweek.

Police are still investigating. It is not yet known who is responsible for the destruction.

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