EXCLUSIVE: MotoGP legend Kevin Schwantz sees enough car and motorsport talent in America: “Without manufacturer involvement, almost impossible”

EXCLUSIVE: MotoGP legend Kevin Schwantz sees enough car and motorsport talent in America: “Without manufacturer involvement, almost impossible”

America is not only an economic superpower, but also stands head and shoulders above other countries in the field of sports. Yet in the field of cars and motorsport it is really different. In Formula 1 you drive alone Logan Sgt All around trying to uphold American honor. MotoGP has been riding since its inception Nicky Hayden No longer an American in 2015. 500cc Road Race World Champion Kevin Schwantz In an exclusive interview with RaceExpress, he puts his finger on the sore spot.

Mario Andretti, Phil Hill and Dan Gurney were big names in Formula 1, but names like Michael Andretti and Scott Speed ​​also ring a bell for most people. In MotoGP too, the Americans once won the clock. Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer, Wayne Rainey, Nicky Haden, Randy Mamola and Kevin Schwantz won the championship in the 500cc class. And yet American fans in both sports are pretty bad these days. In Formula 1, Logan Sargent is getting around, but he is still unable to make any progress. Not a single American has ridden in MotoGP.

For a country with such a rich history in both sports, this is remarkable to say the least. However, 1993 road race champion Kevin Schwantz thinks he knows why this happens. Anyway, according to the Americans, it shouldn’t be about talent: “I think our level of talent is the same in cars or motorcycles. I think there are still a lot of good young people in America, but without. The involvement of manufacturers in our racing series in America, it’s almost impossible,” he said. starts

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Swans Blames the problem mainly on the manufacturers and lack of financial support: “I mean, your dad has to put his hand in his pocket and buy you a seat at a manufacturer. Most families don’t have that kind of money. It’s ridiculous. To know what riders are currently paying for seats in Moto2 and Moto3. Me. For me, if Suzuki hadn’t raced me in America and taken me to Europe, I wouldn’t have gone there. Barry Sheen helped me a lot. . . probably couldn’t have done it on my own. It’s really hard for a kid to come here now. Casey Stoner is a good example. His family sold everything. . Going to Europe, he lived in a caravan, so he was racing. I don’t think there are many families in America who want to make that commitment. It’s hard.”

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