Eileen never wants to use Botox again: ‘According to the doctor, I had bad luck’

Eileen never wants to use Botox again: ‘According to the doctor, I had bad luck’

“It’s been three months since I’ve had Botox, and if I could go back in time I would never have started. I feel so stupid that I gave in to it anyway, even though my friends and family say I couldn’t have predicted it all.” But I should have acted on my first reaction, my feeling immediately told me not to. If I had listened to her, it would have saved me a lot of misery and pain.”

“I’ve been suffering from severe headaches and migraines for at least ten years. This started in my teens and still has a huge impact on my daily life. If I make an appointment with a friend, I may have to cancel the appointment because ‘I have a headache.’ This often ruined my plans and I missed parties or had to call in sick to go to work. “I was disappointed by that.”

Narrow, motionless forehead

“Three months ago, I had an appointment with a neurologist. Over the years, I have tried different medications for headaches, but nothing helped. Then the doctor suggested the possibility of Botox injections. He said that this could very well help with my complaint. “I am not I’m a fan of Botox and I immediately said I wouldn’t do it. I also don’t like it at all when someone has a hard, immobile forehead because of Botox. I associate it with vanity and as therapy. For wrinkles, why not, you let me do that when I’m 27?

But according to my doctor, Botox will flatten the muscles in my head and that can help relieve the pressure in my head, which has been causing me pain. The migraines were horrific. This is not an ordinary headache that goes away with paracetamol. I often lie in bed for an entire day with the curtains closed, because even light causes pain. Because my doctor was completely convinced that Botox could help me, I decided to make an appointment.”

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“Of course I did research beforehand. I looked online for information about possible side effects. I read that only one in a thousand people gets an allergic reaction. That worried me a little, because I’m allergic to many things: certain types of shampoos, creams, perfumes.” , but also nuts and milk. But my doctor said allergies never happen with Botox and that reassured me.”

Fifteen minutes later outside again

“The treatment was done in hospital by a neurologist and went well. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and I was afraid it would hurt.

That wasn’t too bad. Several injections were made in my forehead and near my eyebrows. Fifteen minutes later I came out again feeling at peace. “I was hoping to finally get rid of this headache.”

“In the evening, I noticed that my eyelids were a bit swollen. I didn’t think about it for a long time. But when I woke up the next morning, I could barely open my eyes. They were completely swollen and red, and I was shocked and felt terrible. I called my doctor immediately and sent He took pictures of him and then I was allowed to come later.

“He confirmed that I was having an allergic reaction to Botox. He had never experienced this before, and according to him, I was just unlucky. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do much for me, and the Botox had to go away on its own, and that took It’s about three months.

Then I panicked. I couldn’t walk around like this for three months, could I? Damn, I thought. I should have stood my ground and not done this. “My feelings said it all, I ignored them and now I’m dealing with the consequences.”

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There’s no point in staring

“Aside from the thick eyelids, my head became red and warm, and it also started to itch and hurt. My body simply reacted too violently to substances that didn’t belong to it. Eventually, I had to call in sick for a few days because I was in so much pain and having trouble seeing out of my eyes.” I was given anti-allergy pills that slowly reduced the swelling but unfortunately it did not go away completely.

I didn’t go out for weeks because I was ashamed of my appearance and didn’t want to deal with the staring. “Sometimes I was afraid I would never be the same again.”

“Now there is little visible allergic reaction, only in the morning my eyes are still a little puffy. I hope that goes away soon. I share my story because I hope others learn from this. Do your research, because it is possible that you will have a lot of problems if you are allergic For that matter, like me – even if you get it done by a good doctor.”

Embrace wrinkles

“I was treated in hospital, and certainly not by a suspicious offer from someone with no medical experience. However, things went wrong. I told my doctor that I would never take Botox again. Not even when I get older. I will just have to embrace my wrinkles.” By then.”

For privacy reasons, Elaine’s name has been changed.

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