Dozens of countries call on China to release Uyghurs

Dozens of countries call on China to release Uyghurs

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Fifty countries, mostly Western countries, have called on China to act as quickly as possible on the United Nations report on grave human rights violations against Uyghurs. This report came end of August From.

According to countries, including the Netherlands, China must in any case release all Uyghurs who have been “arbitrarily deprived of their liberty.” The countries also call on China to clarify the “fate and whereabouts of the missing.” The two countries say China should also ensure “safe meetings and reunions”.

Human rights organizations and journalists have been reporting systematic human rights abuses in China’s northern Xinjiang region for years. An estimated one million Muslims are held there in concentration camps. Many people say they have been tortured, sexually assaulted and forced to give up their language and religion.

This was confirmed by a United Nations report prepared by former human rights chief Michelle Bachelet, which has been working on for three years. I spoke to Uyghurs who had previously been imprisoned.

China reporter Schord Den Das traveled through Xinjiang two years ago and gave this report on the Uyghurs:

Imprisonment, Punishment, and Brainwashing: The Fate of the Uyghurs

The 50 countries describe the report as “independent and reliable” and point out that China provided information to it. The two countries say that “the report makes an important contribution to the existing evidence of serious and systematic violations of human rights in China.”

internal matter

It is unlikely that China will do anything with the invitation of the 50 countries. Last week, several countries organized a meeting due to the UN investigation. China has previously described it as an “anti-China event” and a “politically motivated march”.

The Chinese consider the situation in Xinjiang an “internal affair”. It is alleged that Beijing tried to prevent the publication of the report.

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