SpaceX wants to make the first spaceflight with the world's largest rocket in December |  Technique

SpaceX wants to make the first spaceflight with the world’s largest rocket in December | Technique

The news agency reported that SpaceX wants to conduct the first space flight with its giant Starship rocket in early December Reuters. The rocket has an important role in NASA’s planned lunar flights.

The Starship rocket is the largest rocket in the world and is named after its 50-meter-high top. This is the part where space travel is possible. The lower part is the stage of the super heavy rocket with a height of 69 meters from which the Starship can be launched.

NASA is closely following the test launch. The rocket is very important to the Artemis space program. The space agency signed a contract with SpaceX to bring astronauts and cargo with the Starship to the Moon around 2025.

SpaceX independently conducted several test launches using the Starship and the Super Heavy rocket stage. In December, the intention is for the rocket as a whole to be launched for the first time.

Before the launch can take place, SpaceX still needs to get approval from the authorities. Problems with the motors arose during a previous test. SpaceX must first demonstrate that these issues have been resolved before the company can obtain permission to launch the rocket.

If approved, the launch will take place from the SpaceX launch pad in Texas. Both the Starship and the Super Heavy Rocket Stage are fully reusable. After the launch, they both landed back on the ground to be used again for another launch.

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