Does the prince from Hunted look familiar?  You know him from this

Does the prince from Hunted look familiar? You know him from this

The prince is not averse to reality shows. At the age of 26 he participates in it Who is the mole?? 2003 in Portugal In Episode 7, the teacher withdraws. Then he shares Expedition Robinson 2008. In the fifth episode he tells how he actually worked tactically from Schiphol. Unfortunately for Prince, he was voted out in Episode 6. And also on social media channels X Corpses stalkerViewers recognize him:

in stalker During the nerve-racking chase, the fugitive father and son eventually try to reach a predetermined destination without being caught. Prince is the director of an educational consulting firm and Jesse is a student in international relations. They keep their heads together and are not allowed to use cell phones or other means of communication. This is especially important to avoid tracking. They only use their skills, knowledge, contacts, and the mystery of the Cryptex to escape.

In the end they got it right. They were taken to the Overberg and slept one night in a garden shed. What to do with Cryptex is still a big question mark. “We still have to make some progress with the Cryptex tomorrow,” Jesse suggests. “We’ll call some people.” “Yes,” says Father Prince. “So we will take more risks tomorrow.”

stalker It can be watched every Wednesday at 8:25 pm on NPO 3 and you can here Looking back.

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