Does the changing weather bring any relief?

Does the changing weather bring any relief?

Irrigation sprinklers in agricultural lands. Photo: AdobeStock/Tjeerd

Although the weather has changed in the past few days, this year is still currently part of the 5% dry year. How long will this be the case? In this article we give you an update on the drought and see if the upcoming rains will provide some relief.

Due in part to the record-sunny June and record heat, we are currently still dealing with a significant precipitation deficit. Right now we have an average rainfall deficit of at least 195mm. This year remains among the driest, at 5%.

The lack of precipitation also affects groundwater levels. Groundwater levels are well below the long-term average in many places, especially in the north, where groundwater levels are very low in some places. The water levels in the Rhine and Igsel are currently lower than normal. Switzerland is currently experiencing heavy rains, which has caused the Rhine to be fed water from Switzerland again.

The lack of precipitation is currently greatest in the south and west. A local precipitation deficit of up to 240 mm occurs here. In the eastern provinces, the precipitation deficit is usually between 150 and 210 mm.

Bathing brings relief

We will deal with weather fluctuations over the next few days. Due to the direction of the prevailing westerly winds, rains or rainy areas have been able to easily reach our country recently. We will also have to deal with the changing weather in the coming days. Every day there are showers or rain for some time. Heavy rain, especially on Thursday. There is an average of about 15 to more than 20 mm of precipitation locally over the country. As a result, some mitigation will occur in the precipitation deficit.

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Therefore, the rainfall deficit is expected to decrease slightly in the near future. At the beginning of August, we will then drop below 200mm and 2023 will not be among the driest years at 5%. It will not rain constantly, because there are also dry moments with the sun shining. Really warm and sunny summer weather is not planned so that there is no serious drought.

Regional chance of wildfires

Wildfire 1 hazards apply to much of the country. This means that caution is advised in the event of fires in nature. For the northern provinces as well as in southern Limburg, the second stage of forest fire risk is currently in effect. This means more vigilance and there is a chance of a wildfire. Therefore, fire pits, torches, wish balloons, and fireworks are prohibited here.

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