Direct |  One arrested during the Mathaf Square demonstration |  Interior

Direct | One arrested during the Mathaf Square demonstration | Interior

Follow the latest Corona news in this live blog.

8:30 pm Schools open

Landelijk Aktie Komitee Scholieren (LAKS) is pleased with the news that high schools will likely reopen next week. “We still have to wait for the final decision, but if that happens, we are very happy with it,” said Ninke Luojix, chairman of the board.

Insiders say the cabinet wants to open secondary schools at least partially. It is not clear how secondary education will be opened. “We are very curious about what it would look like in practice,” Luijckx says.

On Wednesday, pupils and students in The Hague campaigned to further rush the reopening of high schools, colleges and universities.

7:45 pm – Catchways

The curfew will remain in place for the time being if it is up to the outgoing government. On the other hand, secondary education is likely to be partially opened again.

7:15 pm Museum Square

At a demonstration in Museum Square in Amsterdam, a person was arrested Sunday on charges of overt violence. This was reported by the police. The demonstration, which drew about six hundred people, was ended by the police shortly after 4 pm by order of Mayor Vimki Halsema.

In the square, a large group of “coffee drinkers” mingled with the many devotees and masters who had come to enjoy the early spring days.

In recent weeks, there have been regular demonstrations in Museum Square against Cabinet policy and anti-Corona measures. Unlike in previous weeks, the municipality did not designate the field as a so-called safety risk zone this Sunday. Then police intervention can be easier.

On January 17th, also a Sunday, disturbances arose after the Amsterdam Triangle (mayor, police and judiciary) decided to dissolve a demonstration of about 2,000 people banned by the judge and it happened spontaneously. Then groups of people came every Sunday to the square knowing that they were not allowed to demonstrate there. This led to disturbances for two consecutive days.

There was also a “coffee drinkers” demonstration in Leeuwarden on Sunday. A few hundred people attended. The demonstration took place in a pleasant atmosphere. As far as is known, no arrests have been made.

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6:50 PM emergency

An emergency arose in the city of Bogorodcany in western Ukraine, which has a population of more than 8,000, due to the Corona virus.

6:45 p.m. The million shot

“These million injections were taken somewhere today,” said Corona virus Minister Hugo de Jong in a video clip on Twitter on Sunday. According to the Cabinet’s vaccination dashboard, 987435 injections had been taken by Saturday. Sunday at least 30K was added, reaching the million mark. Within a month, the Cabinet hopes the count will reach 2 million.

The million injections were not officially reported until Monday afternoon. This achievement does not mean that a million people are actually immune to the Coronavirus. As of February 14, more than 154,400 Dutch people had received a second injection, RIVM reported. This will not be updated until Tuesday, as the Ministry of Health does not yet have figures available on the second injection required.

The number of vaccinations per day should be increased faster and faster. After a “wrong start”, the government wants to catch up and make sure that the Netherlands ends up in the middle of Europe.

6:35 PM Infection

Between Saturday morning and Sunday morning, 4,720 positive results were recorded for Corona.

11:00 am Nice wants to close the weekend

The mayor of the French resort of Nice wants to stop the flow of tourists to his city by closing the weekend and thus stop the spread of the Corona virus. Pollution figures seem to show a sharp increase and according to Mayor Christian Estrozzi, earmarking is necessary to combat this.

A vaccination center has been set up at the Hippodrome in Chester.

A vaccination center has been set up at the Hippodrome in Chester.

“We need drastic measures that go beyond the national curfew (which starts at 6 pm). That could be a tighter curfew, a partial or a temporary shutdown. He believes the weekend lockdown will stop the flow of visitors.” We need strong measures. Curfews across the country exceed 6 pm, with either stricter curfews, or a partial and time-limited lockdown. Mayor Christian Estrozzi told Radio France Info that the weekend lockdown would make sense …

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08:43 a.m. Special permit for vaccinations in Israel

Israel eases coronavirus restrictions on Sunday. Residents who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the disease can return to gyms, hotels, theaters, and sporting events. With a Green Pass that they can show on a Ministry of Health app, 3.2 million citizens can access.

Shopping malls, museums, libraries, and houses of worship are also open to unvaccinated people. Keeping your distance and wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. Synagogues, mosques, and churches are allowed half the normal number of visitors.

The partial reopening of the economy comes a year after the first coronavirus case appeared in Israel. Next month, the government wants to remove more restrictions.

Israel is far ahead in vaccination. About half of the population received at least one dose. One in three Israelis received two injections.

6:10 am in Germany: nearly 7,700 new infections per day

In Germany, 7,676 new cases of coronavirus were recorded during the past 24 hours. There have been 145 deaths from the virus reported, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German equivalent of RIVM.

The number of infections is lower than it was on Saturday, when it came to 9,164 new infections. On Friday, the number of new infections reached 9,113, compared to 10,207 cases of Corona on Thursday. In total, 2,386,559 injuries were recorded in Germany. The death toll has reached 67,841. Health Minister Jens Spahn recently warned that the most contagious British Corona variant is progressing.

Germany is currently under lockdown to prevent the spread of the lung virus and will continue until at least March 7. The authorities also extended the entry ban this week from countries with many cases of the Coronavirus. These include the United Kingdom and South Africa.

4:00 a.m. Australia begins vaccination

Australia will start vaccinating residents on Sunday. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and senior medical officials join a group of residents and nursing home staff receiving their first injections. Health Minister Greg Hunt told Australian channel ABC that the prime minister and chief medical professionals are part of a small group that will receive the vaccine to increase public confidence in the drug’s safety.

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The first vaccines arrived in Australia on February 15, when more than 142,000 doses of Pfizer / BioNTech landed at Sydney Airport. About 80,000 doses of the vaccine will be placed in the Australian arm over the next week. The state gives priority to people who work in quarantine complexes, border workers, primary health workers, elderly care residents, and employees.

The island nation has survived the Corona pandemic better than many Western countries. In Australia, home to about 25 million people, nearly 29,000 cases have been recorded and 909 patients have died of corona since the outbreak.

00:25 a.m. The British want everyone hack this summer

Great Britain wants all adults in the country to have an injection against the Coronavirus by the end of July. We want to vaccinate all adults in the country by the end of July. This will help us protect the most vulnerable faster and ease restrictions, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement on Saturday. To date, more than 17 million Britons have received the first vaccination, nearly one in three residents over the age of 18.

The UK has fewer delivery problems than European Union countries due to early and large orders for vaccines. In addition, the state wants to overdose the poor countries, but only if the British are vaccinated. The World Trade Organization criticized this, and Britain called for some vaccines now available, as suggested by French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron.

Despite rapid advances in vaccination, exit from lockdown should be done “carefully and in stages,” Johnson said. On Monday, the prime minister wants to announce his plans for a first relaxation, which should include private meetings outside and individual visitors in nursing homes. Reopening schools is also a top priority for his government.

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