DICE to use legacy tier system for Battlefield 2042 Specialists – Games – News

I think it’s just a slight limitation, I don’t think it’s “go back to the old classes” either.

– Assault always has a Med Pen within the new class system
But it was still their other work that they already had. But can the other three classes also not bring a Midpack, but does a Valk only have one? What about the angel?

The support category always carries a defibrillator.
I always had Falk and Angel (with the latter for his teammates) and the rest of the specialists couldn’t do it anyway.

– Engineer gets repair tool by default
And the rest don’t have that option anymore?

– Recon characters always get the insertion beacon
And the drone? Does Caspar keep and also get the input beacon?
There are still three characters who can.

Instead of getting rid of the specialists and keeping the existing subdivision with a generic skin and then having to pick out either x, x, or x tools from old dummies? (eg Recon, expedition drone, input beacon, hacking ability, or special wall penetration.

This is just a guide and barely halfway back to the old classes.

And then only in Season 3. The second season doesn’t start until next week.
No, first we have to get the specialists more polished with new poses, sounds and makeup.
I still don’t get it! They wanted to restore the old chapters and get rid of the specialists. So why spend extra time on heroes?
And on top of all that: we’ll first get a new Specialist in Season Two |  :(
“And we listened,” she said. Well, hardly.

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Reworked copies of existing maps. Yes, just put some shipwrecks, boxes and containers in the open areas. Any apprentice could do that to them in one day? Well, yes, but of course it also has to be looked at tactically and strategically with the eye of meta/telemetry, so it takes a month for that.
Also very annoying in Kaleidoscope: I’m sitting in ammo boxes. Unfortunately… it is appearance only, not functional. Chests full with weapons but not usable.

Orbital has a logical middle ground between storage and launch pad.
Big pits and burnt/destroyed tanks. When did that happen? Will we get there in new quality? Were there previous fights? Were there tanks destroyed shortly before our attack? I don’t think this makes sense.

Well, I’m going to really turn it on, but I find it all somewhat sarcastic.

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