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This is greatly exaggerated, there are a lot of laptops that can be easily fixed with screws.
If you are thinking of buying something, first look up the service manual, where you can see how it can be fixed. If this guide is not easy to find on the manufacturer’s website, or if you see all kinds of glue or other impossibility, you can immediately delete it from your shortlist.

I don’t know by heart which models are good or bad, but my impression of Elitebooks has always been good. They are easy to fix and do not require repair so quickly.
Now if you quickly move to newer (840G 9 pdf), seems to work fine with that too.
Edit: Although the board also has a strip on the back, I have to say, but there is a frame on the front, and there is no strip for the rest.
These models are not a rarity or anything, but they are very popular, and not only with consumers.
The advantage of such popularity is that you can easily continue to find spare parts, even in the distant future.

Then you still have that whole hype about the framework these days, it’s even easier to fix (eg the screen frame isn’t even fixed with screws but magnets?) and above all to upgrade.
But this is still an outsider. If you’re primarily concerned with screws versus glue, and you’re somewhat technical (meaning you can follow the instructions from this service guide, etc.), then a lot will be taken into account.

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