Cyclists Union on US cyclo-Cross ride: 'It can't end up that costly with the rider'

Cyclists Union on US cyclo-Cross ride: ‘It can’t end up that costly with the rider’

Riders Association on US cyclocross: ‘It can’t end up that costly with the rider’

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About 5000 euros. This is how much a trip to the US would cost for cyclists. It is paid out of your own pocket and there are not enough prize money – especially for second and third graders. The Federation of Cyclists in the Athletic Union is concerned and vigilant. “Riders and riders are employees and servants. They cannot have to bear the costs arising from the obligation to work.”

Marc Leroy, National Officer of the Belgian Cyclists Union United Athletes, former Sporta. in conversation with cycling flash Expresses concern about the situation with regard to foreign moves at the World Cup for Cyclocross. “Look, every employee who has to go abroad for his job will reimburse his costs. It cannot be his intention to spend money on it, on the contrary.”

“Certainly not because such a move to the United States, for example, is almost mandatory (read: necessary), because there are important points to be won in both the World Cup and the UCI ranking. Globalization is a wonderful thing, but it is not possible to bear The rider himself costs,” Leroy continues. “Whoever wins there may have to pay the costs, but he who has to content himself with a place of honor or unfortunate, contributes much out of his own pocket.”

So Leroy wants to consult with the relevant parties as soon as possible. United Athletes represents the interests of 90 percent of the cyclocross peloton. Most Belgians, but also a number of Dutch hats. We first want to consult with the member riders, then we will communicate with the other parties – including teams and Belgian Cycling. If it was up to me, the organizers should do their part and make up the difference. With this compensation, the teams can then cover the costs of their passengers. If there is unwillingness, teams can pressure them. But again, I would first consult with the riders themselves.”

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Riders are still waiting for a prize money from WB Zeven 2017

Remarkably, United Athletes still has a file from 2017 that remains unresolved. The riders who participated in the World Cup in Zeven, Germany are still waiting for their prize money. “The organizer is bankrupt. Usually the prize money (about 40,000 euros for men alone) is secured by a bank guarantee at the UCI, but there was none,” says Leroy. However, the UCI claims he is not participating and continues to bury his head in the sand. The file is stuck. “

Van Aert won the 2017 World Cup in the Class of Seven – Photo: Cor Vos © 2017

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