Cooris Family Experiences The American Dream at ‘Expedited Cooris in America’: “For us, this series is about memories”

From surfing the iconic Baywatch Beach to visiting Alcatraz in San Francisco. The Couris family briefly spent time in America: “Kenji and Shania were allowed to choose their destination.” (Photo VTM2)

After the Cooris family makes Europe unsafe, Sam, Kelly, Shania and Kenji cross the big pond in ‘Expedited Cooris in America’ for an unforgettable road trip down America’s West Coast. “Sam first had to practice his English, and the viewer will have to judge how well he does,” smiles Kelly.

“After a successful first season of Expeditie Gooris – in which the sympathetic family went on a road trip through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy – their second family vacation was allowed to go a little further. From surfing the iconic Baywatch beach to visiting Alcatraz in San Francisco, dancing with the locals and spotting bears in amazing natural parks, it turned out to be three weeks in America. Thanks to its bustling cities, breathtaking beaches, vast landscapes and typical American culture, Goorissen offers an unforgettable adventure. It is interspersed with tears of laughter, loving family moments and surprising twists and turns, but recognizable and hilarious family feuds – sometimes reaching a climax.

Couris family in America. Whose dream is it?

“Kenji and Shania must choose the destination this time. They had only been to the US once when Sam and I went to renew our wedding vows in Las Vegas fifteen years ago. Then we stayed there for only five days and were witnesses with our children. Kenji and Shania now wanted to go back to America and do all the things they didn’t have time for then.

If I notice that such a program is affecting their social life, work or studies, we will not do it again.

Does VTM really have anything to say about the target?

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“No, it’s not the channel that tells us where we’re going on vacation. I put that trip together and I decide what my family wants to do. Last year, when we did those European projects, VTM asked us if they could follow us. We talked about it and agreed. But it was our trip anyway. Now again. If I notice that such a program is affecting their social life, work or studies, we will not do it again. Because my children and my family are priority number 1.

Your family was not properly informed about the plans last year. Now that?

“Last year they didn’t really know anything. But Shania is like a mom, so now she’s allowed to help with the planning. She likes surprises, but also likes to put together a trip like that. She helped me a lot, after all, a trip like that takes a little preparation. For Kenji and Sam, it’s all less. There was. They like to be surprised.”

Season 1 was very successful. Did you enjoy watching it yourself?

“When we came up with the question of filming us during the trip, we didn’t realize how much fun it would be for the audience. People suddenly started finding it really funny and we don’t know why. I think we laugh at very different things. The little features, the little nuances, the odd looks on our faces. We are in a pinch. But watching the first season several times with the kids’ friends, I noticed they laughed at other times. Everything is great, right? This is who we are, this is not a scripted reality. For us, this series is about memories. Because you will soon forget about such a holiday. Thanks to those records, all those memories are well preserved.

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‘Expedity Couriers in America’, every Tuesday at 8.35pm on VTM 2.

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