FishTales Brings America to Responsible Fish

FishTales Brings America to Responsible Fish

The United States consumes the most canned tuna in the world. Of these, according to Fish Tales, 90% are not of responsible origin. It is precisely in this country that the brand hopes to make an impact by offering responsibly caught fish. In addition to Walmart, Sea Tales will soon be available in several supermarket chains in the United States. To handle this growth, we need to expand our team in the country. To this end, the company has set up a new equity funding round to raise 1 million euros. Anyone can buy a share of the company for 250 euros.

For example
Bart van Olpen says: “For many years I have traveled with the world’s most sustainable fishing communities to live, fish and cook. “Fishermen set a good example and show us how to fish for a healthy future. These communities show that fish can be caught and eaten responsibly. Together with them we want to change the world of fish. Because of the stakeholder community, it is possible to work without concessions on healthy seas, good working conditions for fishermen and, of course, delicious fish. Not only in Europe, but now also in America.

Source: Food Newspaper

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