Flemish science fiction, Bruce Willis in The Hunt and Gilles de Coster in America

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Not every Sunday night fiction series is called worth the press, but “Arcadia” is a very different beast than the average courtroom or costume drama. It’s a very expensive sci-fi, with which VRT and KRO-NCRV want to give the Netherlands their own ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Like that series, ‘Arcadia’ is set in a totalitarian society where every citizen gets a score. Lead roles include Jean Pervots And Lynn Van Royen.

That night at 8:40 p.m


Never cease to be valuable on a Sunday evening: ‘De Moll’. You know the team went to America this year and you know there are candidates Comfort And Lancelot Called, you know it Gilles de Coster ‘Best friends’ will say, and you know the coffee machine will be about questions and moles for weeks. The most wonderful time of the year For sleuths and amateur psychologists.

8pm on Play4

Die with a vengeance

Who is the last related picture Bruce Willis Just to name a few, four pass questions and five thousand euros from Team Ban, but there’s no doubt that the man’s record has some fine prints. In this, Mr. Goes out with Willis Samuel L. Jackson Jeremy Irons catch

At 19.10 on VTM 2

‘Putin and the Presidents’

On that day Vladimir Putins palmares are not very pretty and the man has been the leader of Russia for almost 25 years. During that period, five presidents passed through the United States, all of whom were wrong or misjudged when it came to Putin. American journalist Michael Kirk‘Putin and the Presidents’ highlights the relationship between powerful men and goes through interviews with security advisers. John Bolton and teacher Timothy Snyder How, how things could have turned out differently.

At 20.50 on Canvas

‘Letter Meeting’

understanding between Trevor Howard And Celia Johnson Looks great in this classic van David Lean [From1945butunfortunatelytheybothmarryeachother.TheirmeetingatastationsparkleswithtensioncapturedinNoelCoward’sbeautifuldialogue.

3:05pm on BBC2

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