“A Kind of Second-Class Politicians”: Who Are the Republicans Who Refuse to Vote for Kevin McCarthy After Big Concessions?

However, McCarthy tried to reach an agreement and made some major concessions. According to various US media outlets, that means he will give up some of his power as president and give ordinary legislators more influence in making and passing laws. If it depends on the “rebels”, it becomes much easier to shoot the speaker.

That could mean a win for some Republicans HardlinersWho argues More power For individual, small population representatives. “It’s an argument I can somewhat understand,” says Albers. “The Republican Party operates in a tight, top-down fashion in Congress. It’s almost a European morality that rules there now. The top of the party decides who to vote for. The little dignitaries sit there to eat bacon and beans.”

American reporter Björn Soenens doubts that. “In America, all politics is local, and party discipline is almost non-existent. Each represents his constituency of 750,000 people and mainly defends those interests. Horse-trading and (political) gifts are offered in return for a vote on national legislation. No, in America each member of parliament has a separate power, So dissent is not immediately thrown out of the party. This crisis proves that.”

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