Cautious start with promising topics

Cautious start with promising topics

Netflix Games has offered a wide range of game categories, including:

Action, adventure, arcade, music, party, puzzle, racing, role playing, simulation, sports, strategy, board and card games.

Basic presentation without much flair

we asked Jeroen, gaming expert at What do you think about the new solitaire game released by Netflix? This game is a good indicator to determine the quality of the rest of the games because this game has been released by almost every technology giant, such as Google and Microsoft. This was his opinion:

Of the many games released by Netflix, most of them are quite basic in nature. For example, their version of the world famous card game Solitaire lacks the depth we know from Microsoft Windows solitaire or even the free solitaire game on online gaming sites. Simply playing many titles online as standard and much more easily accessible than the current Netflix offering.

Remarkably, Netflix chose to distribute via existing platforms like the Apple Store and Google Play Store, rather than investing in its own dedicated gaming platform like the Xbox or PlayStation offerings.

Most games simply lack this “wow” effect. It appears that Netflix has chosen to build a large lineup in the shortest possible time and focus less on the depth and quality of the games.

Netflix exclusive titles

While the offerings in each category are still in their infancy, it’s interesting to see that Netflix has opted for a mix of traditional games and those based on its popular series and movies.

take this exampleQueen’s Gambit Chess‘, which is a smart move by Netflix to capitalize on the huge success of the series of the same name. Additionally, there’s ‘Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited’, which will no doubt appeal to fans of the popular show, and ‘Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales’, Puzzle game based on the hit series.

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It’s clear that Netflix is ​​trying to make its mark in the gaming world. By blending traditional game genres with themes from their most popular content, they aim to bring a unique twist to the mobile gaming scene. Although initial reactions are mixed, some gamers love their version Las Vegas SolitaireIt may not have the depth and sophistication one would expect, but it’s a promising start. With the creative power of Netflix and its ability to influence popular culture, we can expect some game-changers in the future. For now, we’re still curious and awaiting what else Netflix has in store in terms of gaming.

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