Campus Rozenberg won the “Bring your gym to school” show (Mol)

Campus Rozenberg won the “Bring your gym to school” show (Mol)

Various classes of Campus Rozenberg came to school in sportswear. © Tommy Mays


Campus Rozenberg in Mol has been selected by Sport Vlaanderen and Moev as the winner of the ‘Bring your gym to school’ campaign for the province of Antwerp. Students and staff came to school on Wednesday in their gym uniform.

With the “Bring your gym to school” campaign, Sport Vlaanderen and Moev invite pupils from primary and secondary schools to come to school in their gym clothes. In addition, participating schools organize promotions to highlight different sports.

“This year we have 1,368 participating schools in Flanders and Brussels, which is a record,” says Sofie De Preter of Sport Vlaanderen. “In the province of Antwerp, 321 schools are participating. We have also chosen a winning school for each province, based on the activities that they themselves organize for promotion.”

Campus Rozenberg received an award

Campus Rozenberg was awarded the “Bring Your Gym to School” award. © Tommy Mays

Campus Rozenberg in Mol is the winner of the Antwerp county promotion and will receive a €250 voucher for sports equipment. “We are of course very pleased with this award,” says Chief Operating Officer Christoph Schippers. “With the money we can buy additional materials to expand our sports activities during the lunch break. As a school with various sports courses, we naturally pay great attention to sports and exercise. For example, our students have a sports day on Tuesday where they can learn about different sports in outdoor settings. And during lunch breaks, students who wish to participate can participate in sports activities.”

On Tuesday there was a dance start in the stadium.

On Tuesday there was a dance start in the stadium. © Tommy Mays

On Wednesday, a large portion of the students and staff came to school in their gym uniform. In the morning and during the morning playtime, the pupils can also indulge in all kinds of sports and play activities such as jump rope and table tennis. And there was also the initiation of a dance.

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The students loved the initiative. “It’s great fun,” says 6LOS-A student Emma Van Laer. “I myself came to school in sports uniform, although I am no longer in a gym at the moment. But of course I still do sports, especially running.” Classmate Stien Swinnen is also in sportswear. “I play hockey at Artemis in Herentals and therefore represent my team at school today. I also follow an athletic trend, so of course it is good to play sports. So I am definitely in favor of this measure. And it is great that we can go to school with the whole class in sports clothes.”

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