British Museum employee suspected of stealing valuables: ‘a very unusual incident’ |  outside

British Museum employee suspected of stealing valuables: ‘a very unusual incident’ | outside

An employee of the British Museum in London has been fired after several items were “disappeared, stolen or damaged” from the museum. It is related to gold jewelry, precious stones, and glass dating back to between the fifteenth century BC and the nineteenth century AD. The police have launched an investigation, reports the National Museum of the United Kingdom.

The museum says it will take legal action against the employee. Most of the objects in question were stored in a warehouse belonging to one of the museum’s collections. None of the things have been shown recently. It was mainly intended for scientific research.

“This is a very unusual incident,” said Hartwig Fischer, director of the British Museum. “The museum apologizes for what happened, but we are now done – and we are determined to make things right. We have really stepped up our security measures and are working with outside experts to prepare a final report on what is missing, damaged and stolen.”

According to chairman George Osborne, the museum learned earlier this year that pieces from the collection had been stolen. He says the museum used “all disciplinary powers” in order to “deal with the person we believe is responsible”.

In cooperation with the police, the museum wants to get to know the truth about what happened and do everything it can to recover the stolen items. “It will be hard work, and will involve internal and external experts, but this is the absolute priority – however long it takes – and we are grateful for the help we have already received,” said Nigel Boardman, who is leading the independent investigation. to lead.

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