British MP Elwood fails to praise the Taliban

British MP Elwood fails to praise the Taliban

He had praised the group for “changing” the country after the 2021 coup. “Security has improved dramatically, corruption has decreased and the opium trade has declined. Almost disappeared“, according to the Guardian, he said of a regime that is under heavy international fire.

The oppressed woman

The Afghan population had to give up many freedoms under the Taliban. Afghanistan is now the most repressive country for women in the world, according to the United Nations.

Many women and girls are forced to stay at home because they are not allowed to go to school or work.

The video has been removed

Ellwood made his comments about the Taliban in a video aimed at criticizing the British government, which has had no contact with those in power in Afghanistan since it came to power. After a storm of criticism, Ellwood admitted that he “could have phrased his critique better”. He deleted the video.

The Conservative MP is the Chairman of the Parliament’s Defense Committee. According to The Spectator, four other members of that panel have one member distrust movement raised against him. This means there will be a vote on Elwood’s position when Parliament returns from recess in September.

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