Russia can service Western engines

Russia can service Western engines

Last year, Russia was unable to keep all Western components airworthy. Use Reverse Engineering It has changed now.

According to new relationship S7 Airlines technicians believe they can now fully repair the 56 CFM engines of its Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft. It is reported that at least 800 aircraft from the three largest Russian airlines fly with this type of engine. Russian sources indicate that the level of technology used in the engines “does not seem very difficult for Russia.”

However, S7 technicians have already managed to repair low-pressure turbines, low-pressure compressors and gas generators on various versions of the CFM56 engine. It is not clear how the components and aircraft they use are now certified, and where they are allowed to fly internationally. In any case, keeping the 737s and A320s up and running is a victory for the Russians.


Recently it has become known that the Russification of Western parts and planes also has disadvantages. Russian substitutions for Western components now being integrated into the Yakovlev MC-21 have serious consequences for the aircraft’s performance. Once the Russification process is complete, the weight of the machine will increase by approximately six tons. The extra weight means the machine cannot fly very far. It is expected that the device’s range will decrease from six thousand kilometers to only two thousand kilometers. The maximum payload of the aircraft has also been reduced.

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