Trump: "The Taliban didn't try this with me because I blew them away with F18s!"

Trump: “The Taliban didn’t try this with me because I blew them away with F18s!”

Donald Trump has responded to the horrific events in Afghanistan in recent days, especially yesterday. As we are used to by Republicans, he does so in a brutal manner. Because, Trump says, the only reason the Taliban and other Muslim extremists do this is because they know Joe Biden is weak. When Trump himself was president, he wouldn’t even dream about it, because they knew he “blew them away with F18s.”

What happened yesterday in Afghanistan at Kabul airport is incredible. There were attacks. 13 American soldiers were killed. In addition, it was chaos at the airport for some time because the West allowed himself to be with his tail between his legs by the Taliban. Intimidation. Like we are scared dogs. very sad.

According to former President Donald Trump, ISIS allies of the Taliban (because we don’t pretend to hate the Taliban very much) only dared to do so because Joe Biden is a weak leader.

Trump says he made clear agreements with Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar during his time in office. “Abd just waited quietly for us. Every time we saw them moving on the ground, we were hit by F18s,” Trump claims. That’s why the Taliban retreated.

Trump continued the speech of the Taliban and its allies: “In the past, we eliminated them.” “[Nu] There is no resistance.”

He went on to say about Biden’s withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan: “Our country has never seen such stupidity before.” “It’s getting worse. We had something with me that kept them from wanting to get close to us.” But now this is no longer the case. The Taliban and ISIS launched the pursuit of US forces, due to Joe Biden. The man who has already proven The weakest American president ever to be.

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