A betting shop manager assaults two men

A betting shop manager assaults two men

Police in Suriname arrested two suspects on Saturday afternoon for allegedly assaulting a 27-year-old man at a bar in Sofialane at the beginning of this week. The victim filed a report against Sherwin B., 38, and his cousin Ulrich C., 42.

Waterkant.Net editors learned that the complainant, J.M. He ran a betting shop in the aforementioned pub. He will move this betting shop to prevent owner Sherwin from receiving a pre-agreed sum.

Part of the amount was delivered to the declarant holder as an advance, with the remaining amount to be paid within an agreed upon period of time. However, Sherwin did not adhere to his agreements and was told by the complainant that he would return the amount he had previously received and vacate his betting shop from the bar.

This week the complainant went to a bar and got into an altercation with Sherwin which turned into a fight. Ulrich came to the aid of his cousin Sherwin and together they assaulted the complainant.

After the attack, J. M. A report was filed against the two men. On Saturday afternoon, they were arrested by members of the Paramaribo Regional Assistance Team (RBTP) and handed over for prosecution to the New Haven office, which is investigating the case.

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