Brady, Bolt and Beckham: Marsman is living the American dream in Miami

Brady, Bolt and Beckham: Marsman is living the American dream in Miami

Marsman shows his guests around the pool, greets colleagues and opens the closet doors. In the midst of the chaos – “sorry, we just finished training” – the club’s pink jerseys hung on the gray goalkeeper’s kit. He shares this space with big names like Gonzalo Higuaín and Blaise Matuidi.

Players with rich career skills – Matuidi even became world champions with France – who came to Major League Soccer (MLS) for a dip. A stark contrast to the more modest career of Marsmann, who has played for Feyenoord, FC Twente, FC Utrecht and Joe Ahead Eagles and who is venturing into Miami.

Every now and then, an Akbar name enters the dressing room. “Tom Brady, Usain Bolt, Ronaldinho…”, Marsman sums up. “In the Netherlands, the locker room is sacred, nobody enters it, so I was surprised at first. But it’s entertainment, it’s part of it.”

Old Mr. Beckham

Not really surprising either, in a club owned by David Beckham. The Englishman pioneered his move to LA Galaxy in 2007 football batch in the United States. In 2018, he obtained his MLS license with Inter Miami.

“He’s the club president and he’s very involved, chatting with everyone,” says Marsman.

In my second match, she tapped me on the shoulder: I’m glad you’re here. Good luck, may God bless you!’ Beautiful moment. Everyone talks kindly about how football is put on the map. In that regard, he is a champion.”

And the old master had not yet forgotten him, and sometimes he would train along. tale? “We practiced for corner kicks and everyone was having problems getting the ball in front of goal. They said the grass in the corner flag was bad. ‘I’ll show you,’ said Beckham. He hit that ball at once. Then he ran away, hahahaha. Show the boss how you should it is being done. “

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