As a mad scientist, you make learning fun for kids (no degree required!)

As a mad scientist, you make learning fun for kids (no degree required!)

Step into the wonderful world of Science is madness: Here science and adventure go hand in hand. This international franchise organization from Canada has branches all over the world. This makes Mad Science an authority on inspiring young minds with science and technology. And you can work for this in the Eindhoven area!

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Interactive and engaging lessons

Mad Science brings science and technology into the classroom with interactive and engaging lessons. Whether during school hours or after school, Mad Science makes learning fun with exciting experiments where kids can roll up their sleeves.

Think launching rockets, performing chemical reactions, programming robots, and making hair stand on end with static electricity. Mad Science brings the wonders of science to life in an educational and entertaining way.

The next generation of explorers and scientists

Mad Science is all about fun and excitement. Their core values ​​of ambitious, adventurous, unique and creative, among others, form the basis of everything they do. Their mission? “To inspire children to discover the world with science and technology.” In this way, they strive to stimulate the next generation of explorers and scientists.

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Mad science at an event Image: Mad Science

From after school lessons to educational partner

Since its founding in the Netherlands in 2004, Mad Science has experienced impressive growth. What started as after-school lessons has evolved into a thriving educational partner for schools with an increasing number of schools incorporating the program into their curriculum.

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Mad Science Brabant is currently active in 681 schools. They work alongside ASML in the ASML Junior Academy in 150 of these schools. Next year, this cooperation will expand to include 300 schools and the following year to at least 500 schools.

The word mad scientist

That's why Mad Science is looking for you! Are you someone with a passion for science and technology? Who enjoys working with children? And are you, like a typical mad scientist, a little crazy? Then seize the opportunity to play a role in inspiring the next generation. Whether you're a student looking for a part-time job, a retiree who likes to stay active, or anything in between, there's a place for you at Mad Science.

As a mad scientist, you teach classes, organize workshops or children's parties and are active during various events. All in a stimulating and supportive environment. You do not need to have a diploma in teaching, but you must have enthusiasm and interest in working with children. And a driving license because you will go to schools with educational materials.

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Interactive test with a crazy scientist | Image: Mad Science

Hit Mad Science DNA

Fun and enthusiasm are the real drivers of mad science. People celebrate successes, laugh together, stay curious, and for every mad scientist, creativity is a superpower. The mad scientist improvises, adapts and is always moving forward. The DNA of Mad Science is a combination of ambition, fun and creativity.

As a mad scientist, you embrace adventure and growth. No challenge is too big. You exceed expectations and see opportunities where others see obstacles. Do you also believe that nothing is impossible and do you have chemistry with an exciting education? Then you have Mad Science DNA!

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So what are you waiting for? Become a crazy Mad Science professor and inspire kids with science and technology. Apply now Experience during the trial lesson whether this suits you. Be part of this growing team with a warm culture that makes the world of science and technology accessible to all kids!

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