Argentine citrus exports drop as season ends

Argentine citrus exports drop as season ends

With the end of the Argentine citrus export season, lemon exports to Europe increased by 26.88% to 245,683 tonnes, while exports to the US decreased by 24.7%, Russia increased by 16% and other markets decreased by 17.4%. . Except for oranges, exports of other citrus fruits fell sharply, which increased by 1.5% overall, thanks mainly to exports to neighboring countries in Latin America.

This information is based on the latest statistics up to week 33 of the Tucuman-based Association of Citrus Growers of Northwest Argentina (Acnoa). After positive exports in May and June, July -3.4% and especially August -54.8% showed a large decline in volume compared to the same months last year.

In an earlier statement, Federcitrus president Jose Carbonell said the increase in transport costs is negatively affecting all export activities. “We currently cannot export anything to China because these goods require cold storage, which increases costs and reduces our competitiveness.”

Comparing current lemon exports for 2022 to last season (2021), only Europe saw 26.8% and Russia 16% higher volumes. Other major markets for Argentine lemons, the US -24.7% and other destinations -17.4% showed declines. China and Hong Kong -56.7% and Latin America -48.9%: smaller markets also fell sharply from a low base.

Compared to the current 2022 season compared to last year’s 2021 season, despite a slight increase of 1.5%, this was mostly due to exports to neighboring Latin American countries (37.6%), exports to Europe -12%, Russia decreased. -33.2%, other destinations -34.3% and none exported to China and Hong Kong.

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When comparing the current 2022 season to last year’s 2021 season, mandarin exports to all markets decreased significantly by -29.1%. Exports to Russia fell by 28.2%, exports to other destinations by 37.4% and exports to Europe by -2.4%. A 47.8% increase in exports to Latin America and a 26.3% increase in exports to China and Hong Kong were due to lower volumes, which were not enough to stem the decline.

A small volume of grapefruit shipped from Argentina decreased by -10.9%; Almost nothing was sent to other markets and almost all exports went to neighboring countries.

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