Air ticket to funeral from USA

Air ticket to funeral from USA

My name is Lulu and I am raising money for my dear friend Maxim. A message I don’t want to type. But now is a harsh reality.

Last Tuesday the dream started for our dear friend. Her mother dies suddenly and her world is turned upside down. He lives in the US and is in the Netherlands within 24 hours. Now that we want her boyfriend to attend the funeral too, only last-minute plane tickets to the Netherlands are too expensive.

Tony would not have liked to lose so much savings on one ticket, we understand that and we agree. But we are not resigned to it. Such an amount is a lot for one person, but together with many people it is very bearable!

Hopefully this fundraiser can pay at least a large portion of the ticket so he can be there next week. Saying goodbye to your mother is something you shouldn’t do at our age, but to do it without your partner, we won’t agree to it.

Will you help us pay a large portion of Johnny’s plane ticket? We hope to be successful in a short period of time. Next week we can all say goodbye to a wonderful, sweet and sweet person.

Rest in peace dear Tony. We will all miss you very much. We will never forget you.

If we raise more money than the cost of the plane ticket, we would like to help Maxime with funeral expenses and donate the rest to epilepsy research. Our gratitude is so great ❤️

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