An A320 pilot announces landing on the wrong runway

An A320 pilot announces landing on the wrong runway

Last week, an Air Arabia Airbus A320 plane landed at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Airport on the left runway instead of the right. The captain offers an explanation.

He said in a statement before the Aircraft Accidents Investigation Board (AAIB). By Herald I know he flew to the Iranian airport for the last time a month ago. At that time the right runway, Runway 29R, was closed. Therefore, he would have visually landed on runway 29L. The captain also indicates that he was giving instructions to the co-pilot, which means he did not pay full attention to the radio communications. This contact provided information about the correct runway and explained that only this runway was in use at the time.

The captain explains why he landed on the wrong runway last week ©

Attention was drawn after landing

Air traffic control reportedly issued clearance for the A320 pilots to land on runway 29R, according to a preliminary report by the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran (CAA) and the AAIB. However, just before landing, it was found that the plane was heading towards the left runway. Since there was no passing traffic on Line 29L at the time, air traffic control did not interrupt the landing. Only after landing was the captain informed of the landing on the wrong runway.


The return flight was scheduled to depart at 2:25 pm local time. However, that flight was delayed by three hours. This was because an AAIB employee boarded to collect necessary information about landing on the wrong runway in light of the investigation. The passengers were already on board for the return A320 flight.

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