Students who receive free training in hairdressing from the Ministry receive a certificate

Students who receive free training in hairdressing from the Ministry receive a certificate

Last Friday, 17 students from the hairdressing training course, which was offered to them free of charge as part of the “Wroko Foe Mek Moni” project, received their certificates. Suriname's Minister of Labour, Employment and Youth Affairs, Stephen McAndrew, who attended the certification ceremony, emphasized in his speech that he was very pleased with the commitment and motivation shown by the students, who attended on January 29 and began their training.

The Minister also stressed that the hairdressing training course was not part of the traditional offer of the Suriname Employment Mobilization and Development Organization (SAO) and that a partner had to be sought. According to the Minister, SAO found a good and enthusiastic partner in Twins Kapsalon in Nieuw Weergevondenweg, who trained the students with the necessary experience.

The minister noted that the course, unlike other courses, forced the Bureau to provide materials in advance, such as scissors and combs, so that students could continue their training without hindrance. Finally, the Minister called on the students to act as true ambassadors of SAO by consistently doing high-quality work.

McAndrew also urged the only man among the 17 students to ignore gender stereotypes and pursue his chosen profession with the same love and pleasure as the ladies.

In addition to the AWJ Minister, the owner of Twins Kapsalon, Ms. Prigor, the representative of the SAO Supervisory Board, Dimitri Leimert, and the SAO Director, Joyce Labar, addressed the successful students. The owner of Twins Kapsalon thanked SAO for the opportunity to provide the training, but also for the kind cooperation and encouraged the students to continue training.

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The Director of SAO Twins thanked Kapsalon for the enthusiasm and expertise with which the training was delivered and noted that he was very happy that all 17 students completed the training successfully.

The representative of the Supervisory Board of SAO noted that he was impressed by the enthusiasm observed and called on the graduates not to turn away from entrepreneurship, taking into account the necessary requirements, such as standards, of course. It is worth noting that, as a thank you for the opportunity to attend the course, the students, in cooperation with Twins Kapsalon, organized a fun meeting with their own resources, during which, among other things, self-cooked food and snacks were provided to the Minister, the SAO and other attendees.

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