Amalia chooses love, but will Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth do the same?

Amalia chooses love, but will Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth do the same?

The most useful gift in the world” is what Flemish royal biographer Jo De Porter calls the book We, Elizabeth, which he wrote for Crown Princess Elizabeth’s 21st birthday this past October 25. A huge pen-shaped fruit in which Joe offers the Belgian crown prince 21 life lessons based on portraits of past, present and future queens such as the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth, Spain’s Queen Letizia, former Queen Beatrix and the new Princess of Wales, Kate. .

Elizabeth’s partner

From their royal lives and personalities, exactly what is invaluable to the Belgian Crown Princess to properly accomplish her (future) mission and to ensure the continued existence of the monarchy drips. But as a crown princess who may be able to ascend the throne later, the very important element is the man who will stand by you.

At Oxford, where Elizabeth studies history and politics, the beautiful princess will undoubtedly receive a lot of attention from her fellow male students. Admiration is latent, but choosing a permanent partner can have serious consequences. In the case of Elizabeth’s partner, suitability will be examined in the first place. If infatuation, love, and passion are added to that, that’s a nice bonus, but convenience comes first. Whether he becomes a Walloon, a Fleming, or an alien, it is important for that person to come to terms with the fact that he will be playing a second-rate role.

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