Afternoon Update March 19 • Anti-Semitism in America is (and has been) on the rise

Afternoon Update March 19 • Anti-Semitism in America is (and has been) on the rise

According to the AJC (American Jewish Committee) report, 39 percent of American Jews have witnessed anti-Semitic incidents in 2023. Three-quarters of the American population believe anti-Semitism is a problem in America. Also, 63 percent of American Jews say they feel less safe in the U.S. in 2022 than in previous years.

Of the 46 percent of Jews who said they changed their behavior after October 7, 30 percent said they stopped posting content on social media that identified them as Jewish. Also, 26 percent of Jewish respondents said they no longer walk the streets identifying as Jewish.


Popular American Jewish singer Matisyahu is one of the main targets of Hamas supporters. This is due to his unconditional outspoken support for Israel after 7/10 and his solidarity visit to Israel after the Black Sabbath disaster. In Israel, the American singer performed a special concert for hostage families and IDF soldiers.

Upon his return to the United States, Matisyahu said Israel wants to destroy any Hamas terrorists or those who call for the elimination of Israel. The idea was not appreciated in the United States, and since then, violent demonstrations have been organized at every Matisyahu concert.

“Since October 7, wherever I go, I don't feel at home in America,” the singer said The Jerusalem Post. “I feel like I'm alone in the world, and I think the generations of Jews who lived before us must have felt that way. There's a sense that everyone is against you or out to get you … It's a terrible feeling. It's a dark time for America and it's very scary.

The singer, who has already made aliyah to Israel, is now planning to do the same. Next month, Matisyahu will return to Israel and receive an award from the Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs. “I can't wait to sing and dance in Israel… I have never felt so close to Israel and the Israeli people, they are my relatives,” Matisyahu said. The Jerusalem Post.

'Save Ireland from the Jews'

The genie bottle is clearly not clear in America when it comes to anti-Semitism.

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