US approves Moroccan purchase of Javelin anti-tank missiles

US approves Moroccan purchase of Javelin anti-tank missiles

Morocco will buy Javelin anti-tank missiles and related equipment for 260 million dollars (about 220 million euros).

This was announced by the US Department of Defense on Tuesday.

The Javelin is a portable, fire-and-forget missile system that can be used against armored vehicles, bunkers and helicopters. Morocco wants to buy 612 missiles and 200 missile units, simulation rounds, support equipment, technical assistance and training.

According to the Pentagon, the sale will enhance Morocco's security and support political stability and economic development in the region. The agreement will strengthen Morocco's security capacity to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Morocco is a major non-NATO ally of the United States.

The main contractors of this contract are US companies Lockheed Martin and RTX Corporation. No need for compensation agreements or additional personnel to process sales. The Pentagon said the deal would not affect the military balance in the region.

The sale still needs to be approved by the US Congress, which has received certification from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

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