Update: Tim walks 5,000 kilometers across America for daughter with Usher syndrome;  3 more weeks!

Update: Tim walks 5,000 kilometers across America for daughter with Usher syndrome; 3 more weeks!

Photo: Tim Schroeder

They have been on the road for two weeks. We're talking about Tim Schroeder and his fellow cyclist Richard Hubert. From San Diego to Jacksonville, they ride five thousand kilometers across the United States on what is known as the Southern Tier Bicycle Route. The purpose of this monster parade: to raise money for the Usher Syndrome Foundation.

Tim's 7-year-old daughter Elena has this rare genetic condition, which leads to progressive hearing loss and blindness. Research requires a lot of money, and Tim and Richard are going for it this month.Last week after a 1 week cycling trip we set up stand in Dugton. After 6 days of cycling the odometer read about 650 kilometers. El Paso is now passed and Sierra Blanca reached yesterday. In a straight line (according to Google Maps), it would have covered 1,200 kilometers from the start in San Diego. That would be a few more kilometers of cycling than Google's straight line.

Donate for a flat tire? If we all do that, everything will be fine.

Anyway, a quarter of the total route is over and three weeks to go. So it takes a while to cycle! And then proceeds to the Usher Syndrome Foundation, because that's it: the current balance is €20,302. Assuming we do 2 cycles in 5 weeks, you can conclude that Tim is right on schedule over that twenty thousand euros. That means another thirty thousand euros to come in the next three weeks.Tim and Richard's bike ride takes about three weeks. We provide a weekly update on the status of the bike ride and the campaign for the Usher Syndrome Foundation. Next week we can announce that Elena and all other people with Usher syndrome will have an increased chance of a 'life with sight and hearing'.

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You can donate via the link Fight against deafness.

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