Actress Robin Martens welcomes her son  Displays

Actress Robin Martens welcomes her son Displays

Robin Martens became a mother for the second time. The actress who played Ricky among others Good times bad timesShe welcomed her son Javani last Saturday, which she shared on Instagram on Monday.

“This feeling is indescribable again. The love you feel when your baby is born is so special,” Martens, 31, wrote alongside some photos of her family. “Dear Javani, you are really so cute and beautiful!” I’ve been staring at you nonstop since the moment you were born, curious about every sound and movement you make. “You really are perfect.”

The actress and her boyfriend, Benjamin, welcomed daughter McKenna in August 2021. According to Martinez, the girl is “too cute” for her brother. “I am so grateful to have such a kind, loving, sweet and happy girl like you in my life.”

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