Do you think Island of Seduction is boring?  These reality shows are not

Do you think Island of Seduction is boring? These reality shows are not

Temptation Island USA

What we can do, the Americans can do it a little better. In the United States, four couples undergo the ultimate relationship test. They step into the solo game and hope to find an answer to their unanswered questions after a month-long adventure. Is their partner the person or not? It offers a dramatic but very entertaining scene every season. The latest season from Temptation Island USA It just got started.

Married at first sight Australian

If you enjoy the Dutch season Married at first sight Would you like to give the Australian alternative a chance? Also Down They do it differently than with us: Couples hang out with each other a lot more, have dinner weekly and after dinner also get a chance to continue marriage or file for divorce. The fact that women sometimes elope with other married men, makes sure to watch so many rich episodes in one season, one after the other.

Ex-celebrities on the beach

What do you get when you put the UK and US reality superstars in one home for a summer full of love and bad surprises? It is perhaps the most naughty version of Ex on the beach You can imagine. Whoever arrives the former next isn’t the celebrity’s only concern: Often something needs to be done to detonate the bomb in the villa.

Paradise Hotel

The combination of more drama, more emotion, and more manipulation sounds like a poisonous cocktail, but they’re perfect ingredients for an old-fashioned reality show. at Paradise Hotel Eleven Stirring Candidates use all their power to avoid being sent home. Sex, seduction, lust and deceit is what pervades this island.

Love Island, UK

Staying in a luxury villa on the Spanish island of Majorca to find true love: we understand that through sharing Love Island, UK It is the dream of many Britons. Despite this, participation in this reality dating program is reserved for a small number of contestants each year. Young singles should be as sexy as other versions of Love island Couples form to stay in the villa.

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