Accusation on Amy Schumer ... Dumlan shortage in US ?!

Accusation on Amy Schumer … Dumlan shortage in US ?!

Amy Schumer is not always positive in the news. Some people have something against the actress / comedian so often lash out at him. Now it is attacked again, however the whole story is meaningless.

Known as Schumer, ao I feel beautiful And Tracked train, Is said to be the cause of the tampon shortage in the United States. The actress shared a screen shot of a story on her Instagram page (see below), explaining why Schumer was accused. However, she bites herself, making it clear that she no longer even has a uterus.

Last year, Schumer underwent a medical procedure in which his uterus and appendix were removed, along with his endometriosis (a condition in which the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus).

Then she said: “I was in pain all my life, but after surgery I was a different person. I feel so relaxed and happy, I have a lot of new energy to be whole for my son!

The real reason
The real reason for the low number of tampons is explained in the popular Time magazine. In it, Tumbax spokeswoman Cherie McMaster says demand for tampons has increased by almost 8% in the last 2 years. So McMaster runs 24/7 to meet factory demand.

The Govt-19 epidemic is most likely to be the cause, as people bought in large numbers in the early days of the crisis and in the months that followed.

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