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Toyota has no interest in participating in the IMSA: “Want more WEC racing in the United States”

With the advent of LMDh cars in 2023, manufacturers with LMH will have the opportunity to race at IMSA in the United States. For LMH cars, there is an opportunity to participate in the championship. Toyota says it is not interested in driving to the US Championships with its Toyota GR010 hybrid, noting that in the past they have been interested in 24 Hours of Daytona.

“We do not currently have any plans to race at IMSA,” Technical Director Pascal Vasselen told Sportscar365. “Even though we now know that it is possible, we are always looking at the possibilities, but those plans do not currently exist.”

Rob Leupen, director of TGR-E, repeats the words of the Frenchman. “We always thought that if the WEC started organizing more races, you would have more opportunities. I do not think we’re going to dedicate ourselves to individual races in the United States. We’re interested in Daytona, which is definitely interesting and applies to Indianapolis. I think that should be part of it. “

The Dutchman actually believes there will be a second WEC race in the United States, in addition to the Super September weekend currently on the calendar. However, a similar pattern of WEC / IMSA compound in Daytona is not expected.

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