A man depicts a mouse secretly cleaning his hut every night

A man depicts a mouse secretly cleaning his hut every night

Holbrook, 75, noticed that items he had misplaced in his shed were mysteriously put back in place the next day.

Night camera

After this happened several times, Holbrook began to wonder what could be going on here. So he put a night vision camera on his workbench to see what was happening.

When he saw the photos the next day, he couldn't believe his eyes. The footage showed the mouse collecting clothespins, corks, nuts and bolts and placing them in a container on Holbrook's workbench.

'I couldn't believe it'

Next, Holbrook began experimenting, placing different objects on the workbench to see if the mouse could lift them and drag them to the drawer. The mouse was not deterred and everything was cleaned.

“I couldn't believe it when I saw the mouse cleaning,” Holbrook said. BBC. “He puts all sorts of things in the box, bits of plastic, nuts and bolts. I don't bother cleaning anymore because I know he will take care of it. I leave the stuff out of the box, and by morning they put it back.”

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