A golf duel between Europe and America for the 2026 Solheim Cup in the Netherlands

A golf duel between Europe and America for the 2026 Solheim Cup in the Netherlands

The Solheim Cup will come to the Netherlands in September 2026. This is the largest international women's golf event and the men's counterpart to the Ryder Cup. In the tournament, the top twelve golfers from Europe compete against the top twelve players from the United States over three days.

The Dutch Golf Association has designated Bernardus Golf in Cromvoort in Brabant as the golf course where the tournament will be held four years later. The Dutch Open has also been held on this course in recent years.

Since 1990, the United States has won the Solheim Cup ten times and Europe seven times. The last time the tournament was held was in 2021 in Toledo, Ohio, USA. Team Europe won. The event was watched in 700 million living rooms in 239 different countries.

The tournament is held alternately every two years in Europe and the United States. The tournament will be held in Andalusia (Spain) in 2023. The Solheim Cup will then switch to even years, and in 2024 the US city of Gainesville (Virginia) will be the host site.

Two Dutch golfers participated in the Solheim Cup. Krystle Boljohn was first at Killeen Castle, Ireland, in 2011. With her singles victory she made an important contribution to the 15-13 European final victory. In 2019, Anne Van Dam was part of the European team in Gleneagles, Scotland, which won 14.5-13.5 over America.

Winning the Solheim Cup fits in with the NGF's ambitions to attract more women to golf. “About 32 percent of Dutch golfers are women, and about 30 percent of golfers are between the ages of 25 and 50. The goal is to reach these two percentages of 40 percent by 2030,” says Stevens. “By organizing the Solheim Cup, the National Golf Association hopes to stimulate a better balance in diversity, age and gender distribution in golf and improve its image among non-golfers.”

Source: National Police Agency

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