A cat walks 1,000 kilometers from France to Germany in search of an owner  outside

A cat walks 1,000 kilometers from France to Germany in search of an owner outside

A French cat traveled nearly 1,000 kilometers in search of its owner. The cat was lost when its owner moved from France to Germany. The animal alone managed to cover a great distance in the right direction and even cross the border. By chance, the animal was found in Germany.

74-year-old German Hildegard Holtschneider moved from southwest France to Düsseldorf in June with her dog and cat Lizzie. Along the way, the three stay at a hotel near Versailles, France, but the next morning Lizzie disappears. Holtschneider told the German newspaper: “I searched hard for her and called animal protection, shelters and doctors in the area, but no one saw her.” Reinisch Post.

But Holtschneider had to move anyway and continued without Lizzie. “It broke my heart. We had a real connection.” In Germany, the woman continued to search for her cat and called animal protection every month.

I find it

When she almost gave up on the search, Holtschneider suddenly received a phone call from the French animal protection agency a few days ago. Her cat was found in Braunschweig, Germany. It appears that Lizzie has traveled nearly 1,000 kilometers from Versailles to Braunschweig in recent months. Maybe in search of its owner.

A 27-year-old woman found the cat and took it in for a few days to take care of it. When I took the cat to the vet to see if she had a chip, it turned out to be Lizzie. The woman called the local animal shelter. She told the German newspaper: “The owner was found within a few days, and I contacted her immediately.”

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Her owner didn’t believe it at first. “I asked if that was my cat,” Holtschneider says. “We sent pictures back and forth to make sure it was my Lizzie.”


Lizzie’s finder brought her to her owner last week. The two, as well as the dog, were recently reunited at Düsseldorf station. “After this adventure, I will never let her go again,” Holtschneider said.

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