A cat travels 1,000 kilometers to find its owner  strange

A cat travels 1,000 kilometers to find its owner strange

The story sounds like it was taken from a Disney movie. Louise Charlotte, a 3-year-old French cat, traveled 1,000 kilometers to find her owner, who has since moved to Germany. The journey takes the animal at least six months.

Last June, the cat’s owner, 74-year-old journalist Hildegard Holtschneider, moved from southwestern France back to her hometown of Dusseldorf. She had planned to take her kitten, Louise Charlotte, with her, but she was nowhere to be seen during the move. With a heavy heart, the woman had to leave without her beloved pet.

Once settled in Germany, Hildegard continued her research. She told the German newspaper: “I searched hard for her and contacted all animal protection organizations, shelters and doctors in the area, but no one saw her.” Reinisch Post.

Six months later, Hildegard received a wonderful phone call from a veterinary clinic in Braunschweig, Germany, about 300 kilometers from Düsseldorf. A student spotted a kitten meowing on her doorstep. She had the animal for a few days before taking it to a vet, who realized the cat was microchipped.

The student offered to take Louise Charlotte directly to her owner in Düsseldorf: “It was incredible, we met on the station platform, I cried and my little Maltese recognized my cat immediately, and they accepted each other.”

Hildegard still has many questions: How could this cat, which had never been to Germany before, go in such a direction? How did she live for six months? “I asked Louise Charlotte how she did it, but of course she didn’t answer me!” She’s kidding.

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