Youp van 't Hek is amazed by Victor Meades' tricks in MINDF*CK

Youp van 't Hek is amazed by Victor Meades' tricks in MINDF*CK

Victor Meades fans have had to wait patiently, but after three years the magician is finally back on the air MIND*CK. In the season opener Youp van 't Hek visited and showed him some tricks that left the comedian in stitches.

“I think it's an honor to stand next to you,” Meads says when he meets Van' Heck at the Luxor Audi Theater in Rotterdam. “In my opinion, you are one of the greatest comedians in the Netherlands, if not the greatest.”

Victor Meades and Joop van Heck in MINDF*CK

The magician selected all the bars Van 't Hek had ever written and hung them on stage in the shape of his glasses. Mids has circled one word for each column. The comedian must choose one of thousands of words and think about it, and then Meads will try to figure out which word it belongs to. “I actually want to try to get an impression of the word you have in mind through your fingers,” he explains. He asks Van 't Hek to cross his fingers. “Now you can visualize the word you are thinking of writing with your fingers.”

Meads says he thinks he knows and writes one word. “It was a 'wedding ring,'” Van t Heck reveals. The prankster shows that he wrote that word, much to the comedian's astonishment. “Isn't that really scary, man? crawling! And you won't explain what's happening? Unfortunately: Meads says with a smile that he won't actually do that. By the way, he has revealed some of his secrets before. “It's crazy,” Van t Heck says. “I'm a little surprised. This isn't fun at all. Really weird.”

“I will never come back here again”

“That's not it, Joop,” says Meads. “Of course they're hanging here as a group, but can I hold your special glasses for a moment?” Van 't Hek then handed his glasses to the magician. “Of course I chose the word wedding ring. Can you take it off?” The wedding ring is also presented to the Mids afterwards. “Now I'm going to try something with your wedding ring and those glasses,” he announced. And voila: it “charms” the glasses around the bridge of the glasses' nose. “Get out of here, Victor Meades,” shouted Van't Heck. “how?” At Meads' request, he places the glasses with a ring on his nose to amuse the prankster. Then he releases the ring from the cups again. “Although it seems real, it is just an illusion,” he explains.

Van 't Hek has barely recovered from the shock, but Mids still has something up his sleeve. “The shaft, could you please take it again and open it? Because the ring is outside your real glasses, but look at the glasses on your shaft.” The classic illustration of glasses that accompanies his shaft is now equipped with a ring. “Scary,” says van t Heck. “You're a very scary man. I'll never come back here again, just so you know.” The comedian is determined to find out how this is possible. “I'll call Hans Kazan tomorrow to ask him what's going on, or Hans Kluck, I know him too. I'm off!”

You can MINDF*CK Watch it again via NPO Start.

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