Van der Gijp doesn’t seem to have tackled Mark Rutte’s first-visit deception yet

Van der Gijp doesn’t seem to have tackled Mark Rutte’s first-visit deception yet

In the department Han Lips watching TV Written by many editors Parole Every day what catches their eye on TV. today: inside today With Mark Roth.

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It didn’t take long to get to the table inside today Colleagues came from in 1 discussion. The “sleepy crowd” was the consensus among those interested at the usual table. “Only the happy few hours,” said Johan Dirksen. Mark Root defended the underdog, not for the last time: especially with his friend Gort Keelder as presenter, in 1 He thought it was really cute.

What no one said, but what was true: the average broadcast sometimes looks rather tired indeed in 1 It is anyway much more fun than what the regulars do VI Laying on the mat on Monday night.

Jenny, van der Gip and Dirksen pull off a truly dull hour of television with a guest couple who are the show’s dream duo – prime minister, folk singer and connoisseur Gerard Golling.

Van der Gyp did not seem to have addressed the deception on Rutte’s first visit – he thought the prime minister was being treated too harshly – and kept his mouth shut for almost the entire broadcast. Aside from talking to a few funny videos and an awkward joke with a few suitcases — because when Rutte wanted to leave — Genee barely had any input.

then shaking? He also seems not to spend his evening. He doesn’t go further than a few random flashbacks about the asylum problem (“There’s a lot of rot coming. I’d close the borders for 2.5 years”). And even a nice obscure pub joke wouldn’t come to mind.

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In fact, only Dirksen was speaking. He rode his familiar hobby horses and searched for them in hyperbole. He called the Netherlands “a country in dire need”, and Frans Timmermans “a dangerous man who is completely out of control” with no single fact or character willing to truly challenge the prime minister.

Rutte was again the glorious winner this evening. He served as we know him: with a smile, expertly (more noticeable when you’re the only one at the table) and without making a single mistake. He even had a ready joke about the beginning of the ten-minute (!) Commercial. “Your salary must also be paid, of course.”

No wonder he accepted the invitation for a third visit with a big smile.

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