Melissa Schauvelli is outraged that data on buttock implants has been leaked

Melissa Schauvelli is outraged that data on buttock implants has been leaked

In the video, Melissa tells that she had a buttock implant five years ago. “I wanted to keep it to myself and resolve it professionally, but she seems to be throwing everything on the internet so quickly because she wants to cover herself,” her story began. “I actually had leaky implants placed five years ago.”

According to Melissa, the implants are “ugly.” “They were in my back,” she explains. Melissa is not only unhappy with her appearance, but also with the complaints she is causing. “I’ve been very sick for five years. Five band-aids. My legs are sinking, absent in the schoolyard. It turns out? Implants in eight pieces.”

Melissa had the implants removed and tried several times to make trouble with Diana. “Then of course she didn’t reply. She didn’t send my file. I don’t get a response at all, as usual.” So, it comes to her nice surprise when she sees that Diana has shared a message on her Instagram about Melissa’s leaky implants in which she explains the situation.

Melissa is angry about this. “Why are you calling my name?” She reacts angrily under Diana’s position. “You’re supposed to tell all those girls what a mess you wreak on people!” Melissa urges other women who have been to the clinic to get tested. If she was so eager to post what happened to me online, I would tell my story, too. And I invite everyone who had implants in her or through her to get tested before it is too late.

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Diana informed us that she will speak to a lawyer and respond later.

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