Daniel Lohes releases new album titled 'Okay': 'I just made what I wanted'

Daniel Lohes releases new album titled 'Okay': 'I just made what I wanted'

After two years, it's finally time again for Daniel Lohos fans: a new record. Yesterday, Al-Erekani released his album we Outside. An album containing 13 songs in Drenthe and one in Dutch.

Although Lohues often used a backing band on his earlier albums, it seems we According to RTV Drenthe presenter René Steenbergen, he is more of a soloist. “I don't know, it just worked. And I thought: 'I'm just making what I make.'” “I wrote it in October and recorded it in the first two weeks of November,” Lohuis says.

Lohues initially wrote thirty songs that would be included on the album. “I made it as an LP, that's why there are only 14 discs in it. I had about thirty. An LP can fit less than a CD. You stick with it, you know all the details and you have to do it.” I didn't listen again for a while. Now he left the house early, and I put my things in there. It remains a gentle process,” explains Al-Iriki.

Lohues keeps the songs that didn't make the album in a special place. “It's out there somewhere, especially in my head. Maybe there will be a reason to release it again. It's there, but I'm already working on new songs. Practically speaking, it never occurred to me to be a mother song on a new record.”

With a new album comes a new tour. Lohues now visits many theaters across the country, where he also plays new songs from them we. Lohus: “I've already received a lot of nice feedback. During my theater show, I perform new songs more than I usually do. I had a lot of songs, so I had to choose. It's good to play new things. I think “Theatre is a very beautiful act. Perform songs and stories around it. The silence in the theater is very beautiful and you can do it very quietly, vocally, I think it is very beautiful.”

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Almost all of Lohues' theatrical performances are now sold out. There are still a number of tickets available for some. “This is unbelievable, I can’t complain,” he says as the doorbell rings in the background. The postal worker brings him a circular package. The tour continues until June 16. It will then conclude at the Atlas Theater in Emmen. “Today I have to go to Ulft, which is a very nice place there, where I recorded the first two albums. It's good to have people back and for a new audience to join us, including young people.”

After the tour, Lohues will travel. America and France, among others, are on the agenda. In addition, in December, during the Advent season, he will perform arrangements of his own songs in theaters with a Baroque orchestra.

On April 27, Lohues, together with Bouke and Jannes, will be one of the main performers along the route that the royal family takes through the center of Emmen on King's Day. The reiki ends the day in Main stage On Raadhuisplein.

“But I won't say anything about that,” he says firmly. He says dogmatically: “I agreed with the mayor and the king not to say anything about this matter. The king himself agreed with me.”

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