“Khaled Qassem offered another client a bribe.”

“Khaled Qassem offered another client a bribe.”

The client, who was in the final phase of his prison sentence and thus was able to meet at the catering establishment wearing an ankle bracelet, said in that conversation that Qasim had offered to bribe an official so that he could be released early. He had initially indicated that he would be interested in the idea, but in the end he did not accept the offer.


He trusted Qasim offered And she doesn't, writes the newspaper. The official who was supposed to be bribed was an old university friend of Qasim's. The client discovered that his student friend was no longer on his case, and therefore could not do anything for him. Bribe or not.

Qasim denies the story and says he will fully cooperate with the investigation conducted by the Dean of the Bar Association. He replied: “That is clearly untrue. I have never offered to bribe the selecting official.”

The recorded conversation in possession of AD took place in 2019. The recordings also point to the previous possible bribery, which the newspaper reported at the beginning of this year, but it was not known at the time.

Qasim's response was that he had only tried to pay the outstanding bills in an “inappropriate manner.” According to AD, this does not appear to be the case in this case. This customer has no accounts receivable.

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